5 Reasons To DIY Your 2020 Planner

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2020 is around the corner and buying a new planner is probably in your to-do list. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider to DIY & print your 2020 planner and kick procrastination in the butt.

1. Options, options, options.

There can be an overwhelming amount of options when going down the DIY route, from how many pages your planner will have, the layout of each page, or even little extras like password trackers & recipe keepers. It can be a little bit more work compared to buying a store bought planner but this means you can finally have a planner that fits your exact needs.

2. Switch it up!

As humans, we tend to get bored easily. Having the option to change up the layout or content of your planner is also a way to motivate yourself back into productivity. Print just 3-4 months worth of pages, evaluate what’s working & what’s not then edit from there.

3. Buy once, print as much as you want.

Purchasing your printable planner is a one time transaction that can last a lifetime (or until you’re ready to go for another design). Find a layout that  works for you and print as many pages as your little planner heart desires.

4. Customize your planner cover.

Although a few companies offer customisable planner covers, it can still be costly and options are still limited. Doing it yourself opens up a whole new world of possibilities; design your front cover on Canva print out and laminate or treat yourself to a Luxe ring planner from Kikki K, Filofax and plenty more.

5. Cheaper.

Buying a store bought planner can be quite costly, sometimes going up to £40+, and you’ll most likely have to pay for shipping! Then there’s the fear of the planner not working out for you, that’s a 12 month commitment or money down the drain.

Depending on what printer & paper stock you choose, going down the DIY route can be more cost efficient. A pack of A4 printer paper is roughly £5 and there are a lot of cheaper inks available in the market now a days.

Check out our planner essentials selection that you could use to DIY your 2020 planner.

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