10 Ways To Get Seriously Organised

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It’s 2019 and we live in a very fast paced world. Here are 10 ways to help you get seriously organised in this oh so modern world.

1. Create a monthly overview.

At the start of each month, plan out what you wish to do or achieve, places you want to go to or people you want to see. Use this as a guide throughout the month.

2. Have 3 email addresses.

Sick of spam emails, or your important ones get buried under the not so important ones? Create three email addresses; one for the important stuff like bills etc, second for work/ business, and the last one for online shopping.

3. Make the bed as soon as you get up.

This one take 3o seconds to do and completely transforms your room immediately. Trick your mind into starting the day and not get tempted to get back into bed.

4. Learn to say "no".

This one can be a difficult one, but learning to say “no” can seriously be a game changer. You’ll have more time doing things that’s important or more productive for you.

5. Meal plan.

Sitting down an hour or two on the weekend to plan out your meals is more productive than facing the dilemma of “what should we eat?” everyday.

6. Wash your dishes as soon as you finish eating.

This is a super easy one that you can turn into a habit and it takes 10 minutes. This will leave your kitchen clean & clutter free.

7. Set alarms.

Set alarms for small things (things that if you forget can turn into big problems). Set alarms to take medication perhaps, pay a certain bill, or even cancel a subscription.

8. Set a laundry day.

Pick that one night during the week that’s particularly quiet for you and make that your laundry day. This gives you time on the weekends to do the things you love and enjoy most.

9. Do one thing at a time.

Your mind tends to get into that little panic corner when you have a million & one things to do. Write down all your to-dos and marks which 3 tasks are your priorities. Start with the first most urgent one and then onto the next one. Our daily planner page is perfect for this.

10. Start a planner.

This one may be obvious already but a planner can seriously change the game for you. There are lots of options out there, you can even go down the digital route (google calendar is a favourite) if you’re a tech junkie. But for us paper is the way to go.

Here are some basic printable planner pages you might find useful.

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