Born out of necessity.

Hi there, I’m Viel (“Vee-elle”) and welcome to this little corner on the internet of all things planning & stationery.

Late 2018 while still working at my 9-5 job, I needed a planner that structured my busy day and what seemed to be an endless task list, however, I hadn’t quite found the perfect one. A graphic Designer by trade, I thought why not design a printable daily page that suited my needs… then the idea of Viel’s was born.

The secret ingredient.

The main goal of Viel’s is to design products that help you achieve your dreams, big or small. I read somewhere that if you write something down, there is a more likely chance it will happen. This isn’t because the paper is magic, oh how I wished that was the case, but it’s because you’ll be more motivated to smash your goals. Always remember, you are the secret ingredient 😉

Blossom into something beautiful.

On October the 10th 2019, we finally launched and here we are. While you’re here, I hope you find something that will help you reach your goals and achieve your dreams. And if not, I hope you leave with even the tiniest seed of inspiration that will eventually blossom into something beautiful.

Lots of Love,