Craft Ideas For You & Your Kids

Kids love to make things for their parents and there are various holiday crafts you can make with them. Encouraging  your children to craft helps them grow their creative side. 

Here are some holiday craft ideas you can make with your child.

1. Personalised Tote Bags

Have a custom designed tote by your own little Michelangelo with the help of colour pencils. Tote bags are always useful, and you can teach your child about going plastic free at the same time.

2. Create Pen Holders

For this, all you need is an empty can, colourful foam sheets, and scissors (under supervision, obviously). Cotton balls can even be glued on this for a snowy holiday feel.

3. Cookie & Mug Gift Set

Create a cookie & mug set that can be gifted to their Teachers or Uncles & Aunts for the Holidays. You’ll need a plain mug, pre-made cookies, a teabag, and some sweets. The mug can be personalised with marker pens.

4. Candy Jars

Candy jars are also a fun little craft the kids. The jars can be decorated with stickers, use paint to personalise it, ribbons, etc. The list can be endless.

5 Custom Calendars & Planners

Custom calendars and planners is a great little crafting idea. Print out a pre-made calendar, and get the little ones to decorate it with colour pencils or by sticking pictures, it can then be laminated using tape.

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