Live What You Love – Undated Planner


Our handmade A5 undated planners have been carefully created and printed in the UK. It features three sections designed to help you focus on long term goals, your daily living and breaking down tasks into bitesize pieces.

Features a vinyl leather hard cover with a semi hidden bronze wire-o and printed on 120gsm paper stock. Please see the description for more information.

Customer Note; This is a handmade planner. While the upmost care has been taken to make this product, some minor imperfections may appear. Colours shown on your computer screen may differ to real life due to your screen settings.

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Our A5 undated planner has been carefully designed in 3 parts to help you organise your long term goals and daily tasks.

1st section is where you can visualise and design your goals. Make sure to keep coming back to this section to stay motivated throughout the year. The 2nd part of the planner is where your weekly spreads are and what you will be using on a day to day basis. And last but not least, is the 3rd section of the planner where you can break down tasks for projects or even to-dos on busier days.

The Planner Cover

Hardbound vinyl leather cover with hand painted edge finishing. The pages are held together by a semi hidden 1″ bronze wire-o.

The Inside Pages

  • Printed on 120gsm paper.
  • A5 size.
  • Hand cut and hole punched.
  • The inside cover features a geometric pattern.

Inside Section One

  • Bucket List- for the different areas in your life.
  • 12 Month Vision Page- create a physical and visual representation of how you’d like the next year to look like.
  • Self Reflect Wellness Bars- helps you analyse your life right now (the start), in 6 months time and one last look back at the end of the year.
  • Self Care Section- to encourage you to think of ways in which you can take care of your self on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
  • Vision Board Spreads- 6 x spreads dedicated to your goals or projects.
  • Birthdays to Remember

Inside Section Two

  • Your weekly spreads x 52 (perfect for a whole 12 months).
  • Undated which means you can skip a week without having to waste any planner pages.
  • Monday start.
  • Features a Top Priorities, Personal Goals and Habit Tracker sections
  • Tick list of the week’s tasks to be completed.

Inside Section Three

  • To-dos or tick list- split into 4 sections per spread.
  • Perfect to split up your project tasks in different categories so they are easier to digest.
  • Also great for busier days.

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